"For me there are no genres or types of films. Types are made for commercial reasons and contribute to the confusion of cinema in general. For me cinema is divided into good and bad films."


Edgar Baghdasaryan


Alicia's hands


This is the story of Alicia de Larrocha, a pianist with small hands, admired and loved around the world, a story of passion for the music and a journey on the power of desire to discover woman beyond the artist.

Director of photography: PABLO GARCÍA


Executive producer:

Producciones Doble Banda: YOLANDA OLMOS

Televisión Española: ANDRÉS LUQUE

Televisió de Catalunya: JORDI AMBRÒS
With the support of: ICEC Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya
Year: 2017

With the participation of:
Alicia Torra,  Kiko Torra, Claudia Torra, André Previn, David Frost, Gerald Schwartz, Gregor Benko, Hans Boon, Joaquín Achúcarro, Maria Joao Pires, Marta Zabaleta, Martha Argerich, Mònica Pagès, Miquel Lerín and Carles Horváth.



Directors:  Marc Serena and Pablo García

Executive producer: Yolanda Olmos/Marc Serena

Director of photography:  Pablo García

Sound: Marc Serena/Veronica Font


In 1998 she was interviewed by a local newspaper, explaining her story for the first time. It was her only media appearance, but it was enough to become well-known around Cape Verde, even in the islands she has never visited. Now, tchinda is the local byword for gay Cape Verdeans. 

Without setting out to do so, she has become a legend, one of the best-known women in this archipelago 500 km off the coast of Senegal. She is now 35 and has won the respect of her neighbours, sometimes by force, as the scar on her nose reminds us.

She is a leader. She is tireless, loyal and fascinating. A woman of action, able to unite a whole neighbourhood, she deserves to be the first Black African trans woman to be recognised on the big screen. 


Grand Jury Award (Oufest Film Festival); Best Documentary Film (Chicago Reeling Film Festival); Best national Doc (Miradasdoc); Best National Film, Best Direction & Audience Award (LESGAICINEMAD); Best Documentary (Cape Verdean American Film Festival and Best pitch in Zagreb Dox (Croatia).

kilian jornet, counting lakes

Director:  Verònica Font

Executive producer: Yolanda Olmos

Production director: Leonor Miró

Director of photography: Pablo García

Sound director: Urko Garai

Assistant director: Eduard Jornet

Produced by Producciones Doble Banda-Televisió de Catalunya-Les productions de la Main Verte-8 Montblanc

With the support of ICEC

Year:  2013




Killian Jornet reveals his hopes, desires and most intimate feelings in a documentary showing his passion for the mountain and for those who have contributed to shaping a great sportsman and wonderful human being.

A moving trip to discover a boy dreaming of counting lakes.

"The mountain can give you everything but it can also take it all away from you."


"If I had a child I would like to offer him what I received: air and independence to be himself."

 Kilian Jornet  

the shirt of  christa leem

Director: Leonor Miró

Executive producer: Yolanda Olmos

Screenplay: Germán Balart

Director of photography:  Pablo García

Sound: Verònica Font

Produced by Producciones Doble Banda-Televisió de Catalunya

With the support of ICIC

Year: 2012



In the mid 1970s Christa Leem reinvented an art. Many artists before had taken their clothes off and in the death throes of the Francoist regime, other cabaret artists, actresses, singers, celebrities and aspiring celebrities broke through the barrier of National Catholicism by showing off the forbidden fruit much to the delight of the repressed citizens. But Christa showed us her naked, pale, light and premature body in order to reveal much more to us: a transparent and free soul.




"I like to live life, to live it to the full; I enjoy living it, whether it is on the street, at home, at work, with friends, alone, with my dogs, at the beach, in the country, on a plane, on a moped, anywhere... I enjoy life."

Christa Leem


Director: Yolanda Olmos

Fotografía: Pablo García

Sound: Verònica Font.

Production director: Leonor Miró.

Editing: Yolanda Olmos

Produced by Producciones Doble Banda and Fundación Cruz Blanca

With the support of Gobierno de Aragón.

Year: 2012



A suitcase full of dreams and a journey through the desires of five female sex workers. 



 “People do not accept me the way I was or the way I am now, people think that because I worked in a brothel, I have perforce to be a prostitute forever.”


nothern rain

Director:  Leonor Miró

Executive producer: Yolanda Olmos

Director of photography:  Pablo García

Sound: Verònica Font

Assistant director:  Itati Moyano

Produced by Producciones Doble Banda - Soread 2M- Entrepobles-Assaida Al Horra

Year: 2011



Hakima Naji, a historic activist of Moroccan feminism, embarks on a journey across northern Morocco during which she will discover a forgotten generation of women whose stories have been hidden for over 50 years. Strong women who, in the 1950s, risked their life and freedom struggling for the independence of their country.



"Whoever has a right must ask for it, rights do not disappear if their owners chase after them"

Batoul Aouami


forgetting nonot

Director:  Pablo García

Executive producer:  Yolanda Olmos

Production director: Leonor Miró

Photography: Sandra Ortíz/ Bet Rourich/Pablo García

Sound: Urko Garai, Verònica Font y Gerard Tárrega 

Sound designer and mixer: Verònica Font

Cast: Pepita Cedillo, Rosó Folqué, Diana Ferré and children from the 'Tres Pins' school in Barcelona

Produced by Producciones Doble Banda

With the support of ICAA

Year: 2011



Diana, a deaf six year old girl, who recently lost her cat Nonot, enjoys the small surprises day by day, being aware how little attention the world around her pays to her.


"Being deaf does not mean not having a voice."

Pepita Cedillo

"Yes, one of the things I wanted to capture was the extraordinary capacity of sign language for expression." 

Pablo García 

mura, a cinema town

Director:  Pablo García

Executive producer: Yolanda Olmos

Production director: Leonor Miró

Director of photography: Pablo García

Sound: Marta García

Sound designer and mixer: Verònica Font

Produced by Producciones Doble Banda-Televisión de Cataluña

With the support of  ICIC

Year: 2009



There are many reasons why Mura is a cinema town. First, because the town has been untouched by time. Second, because of its privileged location, nestling in a beautiful valley surrounded by breathtaking mountains and flanked by a small stream. Third, because its small school offered the children film classes, through Cinema en Curs (Cinema in Course), a pilot programme in Catalonia. And finally, because of the number of films shot in its streets over the last century.



7 stories & 1 city

Director:  Verònica Font

Executive producer: Yolanda Olmos

Production director: Leonor Miró

Director of photography: Pablo García

Sound: Verònica Font.

Sound designer and mixer: Verònica Font

Cast: Mireia Mena, Gemma Pla, Lurdes Rimalló, Jana Jawara, Doris Ayala, Maite Carrés and Dolors Roig

Music: De Calaix

Produced by  Producciones Doble Banda and Ayuntamiento de Figueres.

Year: 2009



7 Stories and 1 City tells the stories of the life of seven women in the Catalan city of Figueres. Maite, Dolors, Jana, Dori, Gemma, Mireia and Lurdes offer us their outlooks on different aspects of life. Simply and beautifully, they display their daily world. To the music of the group De Calaix, we become privy to a previously unknown side of Figueres.




Director: Pablo García

Executive producer: Yolanda Olmos.

Director of photography: Bet Rourich

Sound: Verònica Font.

Production director: Leonor Miró.

Assistant Director: Menna Fité

Film editing: Pablo García

Cast: Fele Martínez, Tzeitel Rodríguez and David Bendito.

Produced by Producciones Doble Banda-Eddie Saeta- Ficción Producciones-Televisión de Galicia

With the support of ICAA, ICIC

With the collaboration of TV3

Year: 2007



A trip. A cardboard camera and an unfinished love story. In his obsession to catch time, love and beauty, Victor never got to finish his project. Now, some children with an open and childish gaze try to get the footage which the adult director aspired and failed to get: catching life.


… provides priceless sequences, where childish candour -and that of adults- use cinema as point of reference and the window to dreams. A sensitive and fascinating exercise.

LA VANGUARDIA, 24th June 2007, Lluis Bonet Mújica


… the final result, mysterious, delicate, without doubt one of the most unique exercises that Spanish cinema has provided in the last few years.

AVUI, 26th June 2007, Carlos Losilla


…Bolboreta meditates on how a film camera can be used to preserve the visual essence of a unique time and place.

NEW YORK TIMES, Tuesday 13th November 2007, Nathan Southern 


… is the infancy of art captured with all its flavour, chaste and happy.

L’HUMANITE, 26th September 2007, Marie-José Sirach

mesalla, pacifists in iraq

Director: Alberto Arce

Executive producer: Pablo García/Yolanda Olmos

Production director: Leonor Miró

Photography: Alberto Arce

Sound designer and mixer: Verònica Font

Film editing: Cristián Tapies/Alberto Arce

Produced by Producciones Doble Banda-Televisió de Catalunya-Palacios Producciones- Canal Sur.

With the support of ICIC

Year: 2007


An account of the hope, courage and dignity of a group of Iraqi activists who, setting aside resentment and vengeance, and escaping from the artificial dissension that aims to divide them, follow a dream: the reconciliation and reconstruction of Iraqi civil society through non-violent resistance. 

In 2007, these Iraqis, who risk their lives daily for peace, were followed by the director, camera in hand through Irbil, Sulaymaniya, Halabja and Kirkuk. 



From the director of 'Nablus ghost town' and 'To shoot an elephant'


"The danger and courage of thinking differently"

Alberto Arce





Director: Yolanda Olmos

Executive producer: Yolanda Olmos.

Director of photography: Bet Rourich

Sound: Verònica Font.

Production director: Leonor Miró.

Produced by Producciones Doble Banda-Entrepobles-Al Mahron

With the support of Agencia Catalana de Cooperació al Desenvolupament-Fons Català de Cooperació al Desenvolupament

Year: 2007



In the north of Morocco five women let us into their intimate lives and their deepest desires. They talk to us openly about their collective and individual fight to tear down the barriers imposed on them by complex Moroccan society. Five women who consider themselves the protagonists of their own lives.



"Shorok is not an exhaustive attempt to explain the situation of women in Morocco, nor does it try to portray a highly significant attempt. It is a qualitative approach."

Yolanda Olmos

humans at  venta micena

Director:  Germán Balart

Executive producer: Yolanda Olmos

Director of photography:  Pablo García

Sound: Verònica Font/Marta García

Sound designer and mixer: Verònica Font

Original Music: Blanca Gibert/La Búsqueda

Produced by Producciones Doble Banda/Televisió de Catalunya/Granada Mira TV

With the support of ICEC, Fundación Caja Granada. 

Year: 2007



In 1976, palaeontologist Josep Gibert discovered one of the most important Eurasian fossil deposits in Venta Micena (Orce-Granada), and subsequently, the fragment of skull popularly known as Orce Man.

The discovery changed the existing paradigm of human evolution and provoked a harsh controversy which hindered the research work started by Gibert and his colleagues for over 20 years.

Dr Gibert's death on the 7th of October 2007 coincided with the rejection of his last application to excavate in Venta Micena. 

This is the story of a twenty-year struggle.



alice portrayed

Director: Pablo García

Executive producer: Yolanda Olmos

Director of photography: Manel Almiñana

Film editing: Pablo García

Sound: Verònica Font

Sound designer and mixer: Verònica Font/Juan Sánchez "Cuti"

Art director: Amanda Baqué

Makeup: Raquel Espada

Produced by Producciones Doble Banda/ La Zanfoña producciones

With the support of ICAA, Junta de Comunidades Castilla-La Mancha.

Year: 2003


With Fele Martínez in the role of Lewis Carroll and Cristina Morales as Alice Liddell as a girl.




Just before the rain, under a grey leaden sky, a magical photographic instant has just taken place between Lewis Carroll, an English gentleman and writer, and Alice Liddell, the girl who inspired him to write Alice in Wonderland.



Short film selected at the 2003 Cannes Critics' Week which received a special mention from the jury at Abycine the same year.  

the two-headed snake 

Director: Eloi Rocamora

Executive producer: Yolanda Olmos/ Pablo García

Director of photography: Antonio Trullenque 

Sound designer: Juan Sánchez "Cuti"

Film editing: Josep Morato

Cast: Pep Munné and Albert Privat

Produced by Producciones Doble Banda

Year: 2002



Forty year old Javier remembers moments from his childhood, when he shared the experience of a brand a new car, a 1962 Mercedes, with his father.

His memories range from admiration to obsession with this vehicle, which was to change their lives.


la miranda, our house revisited

Director:  Verònica Font

Executive producer: Yolanda Olmos

Director of photography:  Pablo García

Film editing: David Vericat

Sound: Verònica Font, Albert Espel

Music: Nando Caballero

Produced by Producciones Doble Banda

Year: 2002



A house, a place where experiences grow. Having to leave it is sometimes painful, though you never fully close the door on the memories of the games, laughter and songs from your life there.



you my sister

Director:  Yolanda Olmos

Executive producer: Yolanda Olmos

Assistant Director: Leonor Miró

Director of photography:  Pablo García

Film editing: Pablo García/Yolanda Olmos

Sound: Verònica Font

Produced by Producciones Doble Banda-Entrepueblos

Year: 2001



Nicaraguan women tell us about their effort to change the society they live in, and about their collective struggle to achieve  what has been denied to them. These women speak out and share with us their journey towards a better future for both men and women. Inés, Coquito, Avelina, Gerónima, women who look ahead, and a radio station that cries out for their right to live with dignity.

“Women are becoming more empowered, transforming the present and moulding the future, they are futuristic, they see beyond, they don't just say "yes sir" to everything, they see that outside there is a horizon, there is a bright light …” 


fuente álamo, the caress of time

Director: Pablo Garcíaa

Executive producer: Luis Miñarro, Ramón Garcíá and Nuria Pérez de Lara

Assistant director: Isable Castella/Leonor Miró

Director of photography: Marc Cistaré 

Sound: Verònica Font, Joan Dibarboure

Sound editing: Oriol Cuspinera, Verònica Font

Sound designer: Juan Sánchez "Cuti", Verònica Font

Produced by Producciones Doble Banda/ Eddie Saeta

Year: 2001



Life goes on in Fuente Álamo on a summer's day. The light, the sounds, the hours go by, from daybreak to night, recorded by a hidden observer, inconspicuous and discreet, caressing the daily occurrences in the lives of the boys and girls, of granny Maria, of the girls from the shoe factory, and of Pedro and Guillermo, two farm workers. And at the end of the day, the fiesta of the "gazpachos". A true story with a twist and a reflection on the passing of time.



"Watch out for this film"

José Luís Guerín


"... without trying, it is a truly musical film."​

Miguel Marías


"...Pablo has managed to transform the dust of the tracks in La Mancha into gold dust..."

Joaquín Jordá



"... 'Fuente Álamo, the caress of time' leads us to think that Víctor Erice may finally have successors in Spanish cinema..." 

Kathleen Gomes 

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