the production company

We are a group of people with very similar ideas about cinema, as well as good friends. Since 1998 we have devoted much of our lives to making and producing films.


In these 15 years we have always worked cooperatively, with consensus in our decision-making, attempting to encourage both our personal development and that of the team.


Each of our films are intrinsically a way of making and thinking up cinema, a way of carrying out and interpreting life; studies closely linked to our gaze that speak volumes about us.


Being able to make a living from a profession we are passionate about is a personal and collective challenge we work towards every day and in which we continue to believe.

In Nicaragua during the filming of 'Vos, que sos mi hermana' (Yolanda Olmos, 2001). From left to right: Leonor Miró, Coquito (subject of the documentary); Yolanda Olmos, Néstor (friend, driver and technician from Nicaragua who was invaluable to us); Verònica Font and Pablo García.


the people

Leonor Miró


As a friend and unconditional collaborator of Doble Banda, Menna Fité, said

"Why is it that after every shoot you forget what the bad times were like and only remember the good things...It's a real bastard because it makes you always go back and do it again."



Verònica Font


" curiosity about film and sound led me to film school. The emotion and passion I felt for this art grew thanks to the people I met there. As the years passed, I became gradually but constantly involved in every project, caught up in the excitement of the production company, of a way of thinking and a way of looking, and although the road is hard, the desire to continue to be moved by our projects remains unchanged."


Yolanda Olmos


The other day somebody told me that our work -or should I say, film- was not essential for living, and that that was the reason we would never leave the trenches (where it is often quite warm in the company of friends talking for hours about impossible stories). Not knowing what to answer, I lit up a cigarette in a close up, read the subtitle "smoking kills" and in a long shot went home thinking: I'm killing myself on two fronts. 

Pablo García:


"... even before directing my first feature film 'Fuente Álamo, the caress of time' in 1996, I already felt the need to make personal and independent films. Curiously, all my early projects were done with the help of relatively large groups of collaborators.

Lately, with the passing of time, I have polished my way of looking and doing, to the extent that I have managed to bring the creative process closer to the almost absolute independence that is more characteristic of writers or artists. For some time now, and thanks also to the evolution of technologies, I have felt very close to the pen and artist's brush."


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